Renewal x TRUE Advisors | Super TRUEper Podcast, Episode 003

October 10, 2023

In this episode of Super TRUEper, Renewal partners, Ryan Davis and Dylan Honeycutt, engage in a seamless conversation about work, life, kids, curiosity, and leadership.

Throughout the conversation, they explore topics such as being yourself, creating experiences and memories, and the importance of curiosity in business and education. Join them for a fun-filled encounter filled with cheesy dad jokes and insightful discussions.

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1. Intro (00:00)

2. A Conversation About Names And A New Arrival (04:09)

3. Balancing Family And Work In A Hyper-growth Business (07:19)

4. The Joys And Challenges Of Fatherhood (10:56)

5. Maintaining A Balanced And Respectful Relationship (18:07)

6. Perception Gap: How Others See Us Vs How Our Loved Ones See Us (22:17)

7. Generational Gap In Musical Preferences And Language Acceptance (27:22)

8. Initial Doubts And Positive Feedback On A Conference (33:01)

9. CEO Values Transparency And Curiosity In Hiring Process (43:14)

10. The Importance Of Teaching Curiosity To Young Kids (47:05)

11. Invest Like The Best: Nurturing Curiosity In Business And Education (50:23)

12. Balancing Roles And Priorities (56:08)

13. A Fun-filled Encounter With Cheesy Dad Jokes (1:01:54)